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Convert internet users into buyers thanks to the power of the local open web.

Smooth Integration

Smooth Integration

Effortlessly link into our advertisers' local network to expand your reach and enhance connectivity with your audience.



Discover a variety of customized ad formats for mobile, desktop, and apps, tailored to maximize your monetization potential.



Access a range of targeted local digital advertising offers optimized for the open web, and connect directly with your audience's specific interests.

Optimizing ads on Mobile DesktopApps

Optimize your financial potential by strategically integrating multi-device ads throughout the user journey. Leveraging programmatic connections, we have access to thousands of offers and publishers, amplifying our impact in the digital landscape.

Tailored Solutions.

At Digital Expand, we specialize in maximizing revenue for publishers with our tailored multi-device solutions. From traditional banners to innovative video ads, we offer a vast array of native formats. Our expertise lies in targeted regional advertising, optimizing monetization strategies to increase sales and ensure a seamless experience across all formats.

Content Assurance: dedicated teams safeguarding your business.

Our dedicated content policy, review, and enforcement teams work diligently to categorize and sweep content, providing a protective shield for your business.

Ensure compliance with industry standards and advertising policies.

Strictly adhere to local regulations, including GDPR and CCPA compliance, to maximize benefits for both users and your business.

Unlock peak performance: boosting sales for advertisers, maximizing revenue for publishers.